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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Celtic legend recalls Bob Marley's vast knowledge of football

It is no surprise that probably had it not been for Bob Marley's immense talent as a musician he would be deeply involved in football either as a player or coach.

Celtic legend Dixie Deans in his autobiography recalls meeting Bob Marley for the first time and how impressed he was at how much the reggae icon knew about him, the sport and his team.

Deans confessed he didn't know who Bob Marley was when Marley walked up to him at Adelaide City then asked, "Are you the Dixie Deans who used to play for Celtic?"

The two began to chat about league and Marley could easily recite all the players on the 1967 Lisbon Lions team.

Dixie wrote: "I was greatly impressed by the great man's football knowledge. And when we got down to training, I was just as impressed by his football ability.

"He was quiet-spoken, almost shy, and his hair was long and looked, frankly, as if it was matted and needed a wash."

Marley then went further to express to Dean "I'm a big Celtic fan. I would love to go to Scotland to see Celtic Park and maybe even kick a few balls there."


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