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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jewish Reggae Star Matisyahu Shaved His Trademark Beard

Hasidic Reggae superstar on Tuesday tweeted a photo of him without his trademark long beard. After if follows a tweet which reads, “At the break of day I look for you at sunrise When the tide comes in I lose my disguise.”  a line taken from "Thunder," a song off his album "Light".

On a blog posted on his website he later wrote, "No more Chassidic reggae superstar. Sorry folks, all you get is me…no alias.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Jah Cure in Dubai: Talks Collaborating With Arabs And Why "World Cry" is Delayed

Jah Cure who on Tuesday wrapped filming of his new video for "Looking At Me" in Dubai granted a rare and candid interview to the country's news outlet  The National. In it the reggae artist talks about possibly collaborating with Arab artists, and why "World Cry" is so long delayed.

"The song, which I co-wrote is called Looking At Me because people look at you for different reasons - because you're a star, or you dress nice. It might be the way you talk, what you drive or the way you are living," he said, with an unmistakable Jamaican accent. "So, I see you looking at me. It's a simple concept like everyday things." Cure said.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Statement from Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Limited on Lawsuit Against Bob Marley's Brother

Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Limited the entity managed and operated by Bob Marley's heirs, which includes his widow Rita Marley and Bob's children has released an official statement on their current legal battle with Bob Marley's half brother, Richard Booker.

The release while acknowledging the lawsuit filed against Booker states that its reason is to "protect the Marley name and to prevent consumer confusion." It is the company's duty to ensure that "all authorized uses of Bob Marley's name and likeness are licensed and approved as to style, quality and safety guidelines."

Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Zealand Reggae Band "The Black Seeds" Invite Fans To Sing On New Album

Not too often random fans can get the opportunity to be featured on a musician's album, hence why one of New Zealand's biggest reggae band, The Black Seeds have taken the initiative.

The Black Seeds are inviting fans to sing on their forthcoming new studio album. The band is looking to create a big group vocal sound on a track off the upcoming album. 

RIP: Legendary Producer Philip "Fatis" Burrell

Legendary producer Phillip "Fatis" Burrell who was very influential in nurturing the careers of Sizzla, Sugar Minott and Luciano, was reported to have passed away early this morning by some friends, family and media personnel. However, our investigations of this report is contrary to that.

Fatis was admitted to the University Hospital of the West Indies (Jamaica) over two weeks ago after suffering a stroke. However, since being admitted, his condition gradually became worst to the point that he fell into a state of coma.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bob Marley's Heirs File Lawsuit Against His Half-Brother Citing Copyright and Trademark Infringement

Bob Marley's widow, Rita Marley and their children are back in court again to protect the Marley trademark and copyright. This time, it is a lawsuit against Bob Marley's half brother, Richard Booker.

The suit was filed in a federal court on Thursday, and it contends that businessman Richard Booker and companies he is affiliated with are using Bob Marley's image, music and other of the deceased reggae icon's intellectual property without authorization from the Marley heirs.

I-Octane: "These Songs Are Definitely Straight From my Heart to my Fans."

As the release date for I-Octane's EP "Straight From The Heart" draws closer, the Reggae artist wants to reassure his fans why this project is not only very special to him, but is also made specially for his fans.

"As an artist we spend so much time on the go and our interaction with our fans is so limited for so many reasons. Therefore, many times I take the opportunity while singing to speak to my fans and be a voice for my fans. On this EP I went in depth and sang about the unfortunate situations when friends turn their backs on you, Falling in