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Friday, December 2, 2011

I-Octane: "These Songs Are Definitely Straight From my Heart to my Fans."

As the release date for I-Octane's EP "Straight From The Heart" draws closer, the Reggae artist wants to reassure his fans why this project is not only very special to him, but is also made specially for his fans.

"As an artist we spend so much time on the go and our interaction with our fans is so limited for so many reasons. Therefore, many times I take the opportunity while singing to speak to my fans and be a voice for my fans. On this EP I went in depth and sang about the unfortunate situations when friends turn their backs on you, Falling in
love, the recent increase in crime worldwide, the struggles of the poor and the lack of support ghetto people receive from those inna jacket and tie. And then I go on to tell my fans no matter what your struggles are find Jah, He will help you carry that load, and all of your problems gone." says I-Octane.

Coupled with the deep and profound messages in "Straight From The Heart," is the fact that this is Octane's very first production off his own record label "Conquer the Globe."

"You can always meet somebody and talk to them about your experiences but very often there isn't the time to really get into it and really let them know the situation. That's why I always say music is a tool. There is no greater way for me to really touch the souls of my fans, except through my music." he adds.

This EP provides a mixture of the authentic reggae beats infused with a more modern neo-reggae vibe and is sure to please both old and new fans of reggae music and dancehall. The EP is a refreshing production that is sure to set the stage for I-Octane's upcoming debut album.

"These songs are definitely straight from my heart to my fans. I feel good about them and I am excited for my fans to hear them." 

Straight From The Heart will be released digitally on December 6th, 2011. See tracklisting below:

1. Burn Dem Bridge produced by: Stephen "The Genius" McGregor Big Ship Records
2. Blood A Go Run produced by: Kimani "DJ Frass" Palmer
3. Crime A Rise produced by: Garry G from Uniiqe Impact Productions and Dev Kutta of Livity Movements
4. Falling produced by: Garry G from Uniiqe Impact Productions and Dev Kutta of Livity Movements   
5. Example for the Poor produced by: Garry G from Uniiqe Impact Productions and Dev Kutta of Livity Movements
6. My Problems Gone produced by: Jordan McClure and David 'Hizzle' Hayle Chimney Records


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