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Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Zealand Reggae Band "The Black Seeds" Invite Fans To Sing On New Album

Not too often random fans can get the opportunity to be featured on a musician's album, hence why one of New Zealand's biggest reggae band, The Black Seeds have taken the initiative.

The Black Seeds are inviting fans to sing on their forthcoming new studio album. The band is looking to create a big group vocal sound on a track off the upcoming album. 

Fans are invited to simply record themselves singing at home,then upload it online by December 6th. Their voices will then be mixed into the track.

Renowned for their eight-piece live shows, the Wellington-based reggae/funk group has built a strong U.S. following in recent years on the back of successful touring and the 2009 release of their album Solid Ground.

Fans that take part will also be able to purchase a special edition CD with their names listed in the album credits, so please remember to include your name on the uploaded piece.

The Black Seeds will return to North America in early 2012 to support the release of their new album.



* When recording your track its important that you don’t plug in your headphones until after the beep has sounded. We need to hear this beep at the start of your recording to be able to synch it up with the other tracks. Check that you can hear the beep before uploading your video.

* Whilst we would prefer you upload your recording as a video, if you don’t feel comfortable then its also fine to just record & upload audio-only.

* Make sure your room in is nice and quiet. Turn off any heaters, air conditioning etc.

Carefully follow the instructions in the video and get singing! Or if you have any further questions email us @ 

Thanks for taking part. Our new album is coming your way in early 2012!



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