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Friday, May 28, 2010

Yet Another Trial delayed again for reggae singer Buju Banton

A federal judge again has changed the trial date for Grammy-nominated reggae singer Buju Banton without giving a reason.
Banton's trial on drug charges originally was scheduled for April 19, the date Banton requested. But 11 days before the trial was set to start, U.S. District Judge James Moody moved it to June 21.
The defense objected, citing the cost of rearranging travel for witnesses and noting that Banton would be held in jail longer.
Moody overruled the objections.
A notice was posted today that the case has been moved to the September trial calendar. A trial date will be set at a status conference in August.
Banton's attorney, David Oscar Markus, has again filed an objection on the same grounds, saying the change violates the federal Speedy Trial Act.
The law generally requires that a criminal defendant's trial start within 70 days after he is charged or makes an initial appearance, whichever is later.
Banton was arrested Dec. 10 in Miami, had his initial appearance the next day and was indicted Dec. 15. The defense motion says the speedy trial requirement already would have been violated with the June trial date.
Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, has been jailed since his arrest. He and two codefendants are accused of participating in a cocaine deal in Sarasota.
Banton claims he was entrapped.


  1. THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT...BABYLON SYSTEM IS SURELY A VAMPYAH...and dem doing this on purpose cause they knew all the lawyers flew in from JAMAICA....they should have filed motions against this!!! BUJU write music and do not let them HOLD YO DOWN, no oppression ya hear? Cause we are all with you, we are all one on this journey, what they do to you they do to all of WE! ONE LOVE and keep the faith, ROOTSGAL AKA: Kristine~

  2. this is bull shit buju do no wrong but write his music and sing i love him so much and i hope he come out soon and be set free from this crazy place he is innocent