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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Winner Best Song
photo:Champion Eye Wash The Tears
Gramps Wins Best Song IRAWMA2010_stemedia
"Thank you to all who voted!!! Words are not enough."
Best New Entertainer
photo: Meg Morris
"Thanks to all who voted for me to make me win best new entertainer."
Best Crossover Song
photo: Meg Morris
Therapy Reggae Remix

"Thanks to everyone who voted for India Arie and Gramps Morgan, Jah bless."

"He's been performing for years as a group member so he knows how to handle the stage and the audience well. His songs are well written and earn their place in the history of reggae music. He's on the top of his game at the moment and humble enough to respect the elders that taught him his craft. There is no stopping Gramps Morgan. The crew and I (The Reggae Spin) await the next instalment of his album." Kevin 'Keveon' Smith
Gramps Morgan took home 3 International Reggae and World Music Awards(IRAWMA) recently including Best Song, Best New Entertainer, and Best Crossover Song. A member of the internationally renowned reggae band, Morgan Heritage, Gramps is no stranger to success.
In 2009, after nearly three decades providing backing vocals for his brother and lead vocalist Peetah Morgan, Gramps took centre stage, reinventing himself and emerging as a burgeoning solo artist. 
The first of his solo endeavours, 2 Sides of My Heart Vol.1 was released on his Dada Son Entertainment label. The album had one of the strongest debuts in reggae music history and Gramps' unprecedented promotional campaign included major tours withJohn Legend, India Arie and Buju Banton; in addition to sold out shows at Madison Square Garden and performances at major sporting events.  It is for all of these reasons that Gramps was delighted to be recognized, as a "new" artiste in the Best New Entertainer category saying: 
"I really felt good about that one because of the amount of work & research that went into the Soul Bird, Evolver and Rasta Got Soul tours. Being an entertainer with Morgan Heritage and now being an entertainer as Gramps Morgan, that's really big for me. I've learned so much from watching all of those people perform especially, John Legend."  
Gramps went on to win Best Crossover Song for his reggae remix of "Therapy" featuring the soul-bird, R&B sensation, India Arie. The collaboration was originally recorded on the multiple Grammy award winner's Testimony Vol. 2: Love & Politics album.  Each of his wins was special for various reasons. About Therapy he explains:
"That song is really deep. It was just magic. The chemistry between me and India Arie is almost scary; it's like we've known each other for at least 25 years. The chemistry when we perform as well as when we're in the studio is amazing. It's just a strong, strong energy. 
To have that song win best crossover was - WOW! She gave me a great opportunity and vice versa; we shared each other's fan bases. Jamaicans love India Arie.  Winning album of the year in Jamaica and then winning best crossover song is BIG! She was happy, saying "Gramps we won, we did it." She is a genuine, genuine sista so, big up to India Arie. "
Further, it was his debut single "Wash The Tears" that scored his third award of the night for Best Song which seemed to culminate his solo journey thus far. Here Gramps admits:
"When I released it, I wanted to share the power of overcoming, in the melody and in the words, with the world because of the state of the economy. Giving them a sense and reason and a purpose to push and hold on. Hope & healing are the most important things about 2 Sides of My Heart Volume 1. That's the purpose of the album.
It seems in the time of our music, there's a lot of aggression and there's not enough love. If it's love, it's talking about sex. I wanted to bring back the original recipe of reggae music: it's about healing, fun, and love, and Jerk chicken, Red Stripe, you know, some ackee and salt fish and a ganja spliff."
At 6'2, in the prime of his life and career, this handsome crooner shows no signs of slowing down. Hours after the IRAWMAs Gramps was on set for his younger brother Laza's video shoot and the next day in Wyclef's New York studio recording with Peetah Morgan, J-Boog and Yami Bolo.

Plans to return to Africa and Europe remain in the pipeline for this summer and we await the results of the Reggae Music Achievement Awards (RMAA). Gramps was nominated in the "International" categories including "Album and Artist of the Year". The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Toronto on June 12th at the Jamaican Canadian Association. 
Finally, Gramps' manager, Anthony Alexander wishes to extend a word of thanks on behalf of himself, Gramps Morgan and the entire management team stating:
"Big up to all of the fans out there that voted for Gramps and helped us take home our 3 IRAWMA awards. 
It is comforting to know that everyone is enjoying our work from the Dada Son family; these awards are truly the fruits of our labour and we look forward to continuing the works."
Another ROCKAZ Moment
Canadian songbird Tanya Mullings was in attendance at the IRAWMA 
and when refelecting on Gramps' performance, she simply stated, "he did amazing, he always does!" Adding,  "...he was on a different level. It was star time! Being on tour with India Arie has brought him to a different level of performing." 


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