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Friday, January 21, 2011

Juror Heard Closing Arguments as the Marleys Fight to Protect Their Father’s Image

Bob Marley's children don't want to see the reggae legend portrayed as a bobblehead or a plush toy, a lawyer representing the family said Thursday.
"They brought this case to protect the legacy of their father," Los Angeles attorney Jill Pietrini told a federal jury in Las Vegas.
On Thursday (Jan 20th), the jury listened to closing arguments in the civil case that was filed three years ago by Bob Marley’s widow Rita and their children. The case stems from the sale of T-shirts and other products bearing the Bob Marley’s image in large retail stores across the United States.

In a trial that began Jan. 4, the Marleys accused the defendants of unfairly selling unlicensed merchandise bearing the Reggae legend Bob Marley's identity and persona. They also claim this act has caused them to lose customers who went for the cheaper products sold by the defendant.
Rather than stop, according to the plaintiffs' trial brief, the defendants "increased their sale of Bob Marley clothing and expanded into other products," such as beach towels, bobbleheads and stickers.
Rohan, one of Marley's sons, testified during the trial and sat at the plaintiffs' table during closing arguments.
Pietrini told jurors that Marley's children weren't given the rights to his identity.
"They had to borrow $11 million to get those rights back," the lawyer said.
Los Angeles attorney Byron Ball, who represents the defendants, said AVELA owner Leo Valencia did not use Marley's name on his products.
To succeed with their unfair competition claim, Ball argued, Marley's heirs must show that consumers likely were confused about the family's sponsorship of the defendants' products.
No one thinks about such issues when purchasing a T-shirt, the lawyer said as he held up a black T-shirt bearing an image of Marley's face.
"It's not a Rembrandt; it's a T-shirt," he said.
Jurors deliberated about an hour Thursday afternoon and are scheduled to resume their discussions this morning (Jan 21.)


  1. "Political Strategies", on and on as times go by, more people will come to the realization, that Robert Nesta Marley was indeed,a Man of God, and was sent to a people to deliver a message of Truth, Brotherhood and Love.
    Truth, for the most part is never generally highlighted in any given court of law. Brotherly and Sisterly love, became more on the up and up during the time of the early seventies,when Bob Marley expressed Biblical chants to soften the hearts of people with greedy mentalities.
    It is now apparently clear, that even the authorities, and entities, were and still are aiming to depower the "Marley" name.
    Iam quite positive, that the Marleys will overcome this, as they were the ones who were fed by the words, as Ziggy told us; "Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight"
    To all the Marley family, I truly empathize with your situation.You all are soldiers in this fight, and victors,you all will be.
    Respects and prayers to you all.

  2. This fom the family that pasted his face on a crappy energy drink!
    Protecting his legacy-hah!
    All they're protecting is their monopoly on using Bob's name to rake in cash.