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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buju Banton’s Destiny now Hangs in the Balance

Days after his splendid performance at his show “Before the Dawn featuring Buju Banton and Friends”, Buju and his lawyer is now back to the drawing board and is faced with the harsh reality that Buju’s destiny is uncertain.

A new trial date hasn’t been set yet however, one thing is certain; and it is the fact that Buju Banton will have to answer to an additional charge of possession of a firearm when he returns to court. As to why this charge wasn’t laid in the first trial, possibly to increase the likelihood of Buju’s conviction this time around. Banton’s legal team, led by David Oscar Markus, has hit back at the new indictment on the grounds that it is not permissible for new charges to be brought on old information and that the weapon charge was a violation of the Fifth Amendment.

Despite spending almost one full year in prison and expecting to return to face the courts with a new charge, Buju shows no signs of stress. On January 16th at his show “Before the Dawn”, except for his few references and hints at his current legal battle it would have been hard to tell that Buju has been through so much yet still has unavoidably daunting days ahead of him. He performed with the same energy and vibe, pleasing a sold out crowd, leaving some to even dub it “The Best Reggae Show of the Year”.

We know it must be a tough thing for Buju to go through the whole ordeal a second time around and he said it best in his song “Not an Easy Road” - “Who feels it knows, whoo whoo whoo whoo lord help me sustain these blows”. Lets wait and see how this second trial will turn out.

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