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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Free Reggae Shows and “Save the Music” Campaign as Jamaica Celebrates Reggae Month in February.

Since 2008, Jamaicans have set aside February as Reggae Month in order to celebrate the art form which was born in the island. This is a celebration that is not only acknowledged and celebrated by reggae musicians, radio personalities, djs and fans but is also embraced and promoted by the Jamaican government. During the entire month; multiple campaigns, press conferences and free shows are held across Jamaica to heighten awareness and to pay homage to the greats who have pioneered the art form.

Come this February [2011] a “Save the Music” campaign will be launched and is intended to focus on the issues that are affecting the art form both locally and globally. Charles Campbell, Chairman of the Reggae Committee said they will be lobbying for an update of the noise abatement act, for radio stations to implement playlists for their disc jocks and issues relating to payola (where record producers and artist pay in order to get airplay and recognition) in the industry. He said they will also be supporting the Jamaica Broadcasting Commission in its efforts to help clean up the industry.

Celebration of Reggae Month will start on January 30th, with a Tribute to Dennis Brown, a live show which will be held at Big Yard, Orange Street, Kingston, Jamaica. Other events will include church services, Trench Town Tour, JAVAA Tribute to the 'King, Crown Prince & Cool Ruler', Bob Marley Symposium, Fi Wi Sinting, Honour Awards, Reggae Village Negril, Annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash, Annual Bob Marley Day and a JaRIA workshop.


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