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Monday, December 12, 2011

Jah Cure in Dubai: Talks Collaborating With Arabs And Why "World Cry" is Delayed

Jah Cure who on Tuesday wrapped filming of his new video for "Looking At Me" in Dubai granted a rare and candid interview to the country's news outlet  The National. In it the reggae artist talks about possibly collaborating with Arab artists, and why "World Cry" is so long delayed.

"The song, which I co-wrote is called Looking At Me because people look at you for different reasons - because you're a star, or you dress nice. It might be the way you talk, what you drive or the way you are living," he said, with an unmistakable Jamaican accent. "So, I see you looking at me. It's a simple concept like everyday things." Cure said.

Seeing the beauty of Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai manifested in the footage captured for his video, a place he called home for three weeks, Jah Cure expressed his deep love for the city and his willingness to work with local acts; "Every superstar knows about Dubai. The city is a highlighted place. I came to chill and have a good time. I also thought it would be good to lift some up-and-coming filmmakers and videographers," he said.

Here, in Dubai, I want to cross over with some Arab artists and try to explore other cultures of music to share each other's fan base," he adds.

"Music has no boundaries. I want to explore every kind of music so I can get across into every culture and make myself be known and help other artists cross barriers because there's a lot more room for fame," he said. The only way to move forward, he says, is to separate from his current music label after completing his contract. "The album was finished last year in December and it was all over the internet but never released, so I'm going to start my own thing," he said. "We became like family, but they [the music label] bring their emotions into business and that, I guess, is why my album is not out yet."

As it relates to the long delay of his upcoming album "World Cry," Jah Cure sought to reassure fans that; "I want to let my fans know that this is not my fault. The album is finished and the one to be blamed is not Jah Cure. Now I am the CEO of my own thing, so this is the first time in my life I'll take my career under full control."

"I'm just giving thanks to every opportunity and to the people who are giving me support - I am grateful, and here I am," he said.


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