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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Gregroy Isaacs US-Tour cancelled! Please read the following statement by Isaacs' manager Copeland Forbes:

Greetings !

I got back to Jamaica from overseas on wednesday nite late and went online to check my email and I was bombarred with emails from all over the US in regards to Gregory Isaacs that he was in a coma, I was shocked to learn of such a thing so I was with him up to last Sunday August 2nd finalising details for his upcoming tour of the US which starts August 9th at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

None of what I read on the internet about him being in a coma was true as he's been under medical attention for the foot swelling that had occured since May 25 and I have been in touch with him on a daily basis. He was in London undergoing some medical tests as he was suffering from some kind of swelling of his legs which resulted in the first tour been cancelled and some dates postponed and rescheduled as the doctor then had recomended that he should stay off his feet for at least six weeks hence the cancelation of the the May 26 thru June 23 tour.

Yesterday I went to see him to give him an update on the upcoming tour and to tell him of the rumours that had been circulated that he's in a coma but when I got to his house I was greeted with some sad news that he's been suffering from some severe chest pains which resulted in him been advised by his doctors not to do any travelling at this time as his chest pains are affecting his lungs and his breathing abilities which if not given immediate treatment could lead to very serious consequences,

His doctors advised him against travelling as he MUST be attended to NOW hence the upcoming tour which was scheduled to start August 9th in Los Angeles will have to be cancelled until further notice from his doctors. Please inform all promoters,bus company,Travel agents,backing bands Quinto Sol(west coast) and Ruff Stuff/ Statement (east coast) and all entities associated with the" Brand New Me" North American tour about the cancelation of the tour unil further notice from his doctors.

One Love

Jah Guide

Copeland Forbes (Gregory Isaacs manager)


  1. Thanks for this update, to much rumours.
    Hope that Gregory get his health back.
    The tour is not as important as his health and life. Love, greetings and strenght to the number one - Mr. Isaacs

  2. Militant

    Thanks for the real Info, I heard and was wondering about his Health Out of Anchorage, Alaska !! Nuff Respect!!