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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reggae legend performs

International reggae superstar Michael Rose loves the North Coast, its music fans and its top crop.

”Humboldt County is always a a good time,” Rose said. “You get the best of everything and good marijuana, mmmmm! These reggae fans from Humboldt County are good fans and light-hearted people.”

Rose will be performing at Nocturnum on Sunday. That's right, the former-lead-singer-of-Black Uhuru-that-netted-reggae-music's-first-Grammy Michael Rose.

”If you're a reggae fan, that's some of the best music that ever was,” Nocturnum production manager Levi Land said of Black Uhuru's musical influence. “Michael Rose is a reggae legend. He's got classic songs and still going strong after all these years.”

According to the news release, Rose started his recording career as a solo artist. After the departure of Don Carlos and Garth Dennis, Rose joined Black Uhuru and led them to international success in the early 1980s, having written most of their popular material and winning the first-ever Grammy Award for reggae in 1985 for the album “Anthem.”

After the release of “Anthem,” Rose left Black Uhuru and retired to the Blue Mountains in Jamaica to start a coffee farm.

But even a never-ending cup of joe couldn't keep Rose away from the music scene for long. Shortly after moving to the mountains, he began recording new singles.

Eventually Rose recorded full albums and began touring again. But in August 2002, Rose ran into some trouble as he was arrested in the Miami Airport by U.S. Marshals in a case of mistaken identity. Although he was released, it resulted in Rose losing his U.S. work permit.

With all that water now under the bridge, Rose is back in action and is heading up to Humboldt County. This time he brings with him opening act DubTonic.

The show starts at 9 p.m.and more information can be found at

”I have the best songs out right now,” Rose said without an ounce of arrogance in his voice. “If people want to see them live, come and catch me in Humoldt County. Give praise to the all mighty.”


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