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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maldivian Reggae Artist Sentenced to 10 Years for Cannabis Possession

Famous Maldivian reggae artist Haisham Mohamed Rasheed has been sentenced to ten years for use and possession of less than one gram of cannabis.

Haisham, of Maafannu Loha, was arrested with a bag containing the illegal narcotics while in a resort to perform a live music show.

The Criminal Court convicted Haisham under Article 4 [a][1] of the Drug Act after he tested positive for cannabis, an illegal substance under the Act. Haisham received five years for using the drug and five years for possession.

The judge ruled that according to witness statements, evidence, and Haisham’s own confession, he owned the bag containing illegal narcotics with which he was found.

Haisham was the lead artist of the band ‘Palm Fever’. He also produced his own music and had acquired a popular following during a career which he started as a child performer at the Inter-school singing competition.


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