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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bounty Killa and Vybz Kartel to share stage in T&T as a sign of Unity

Jacho Entertainment, the entertainment outfit responsible for hostingthe event, hosted a press conference at House of Angostura, Laventille,earlier this week to assure prospective patrons that although theJamaican entertainers have long been in a “musical war”, they arecoming to TT as a symbol of unity.

The artistes are best known for their lead roles in the ongoing Gully versus Gaza dancehall feud where they have been waging lyrical battlesthat have been blamed for fuelling gang wars among their fans.

“The idea of bringing these artistes for a concert in Trinidad is toshow the youths that at the end of the day, the artistes areentertainers. They have agreed to put aside their differences topromote peace,”concert organiser, Vern Extavour of 99.1FM, said.

He pointed out that the feud between the artistes is purely a lyricalone, so there is no need for concert goers to be concerned. He addedthat lyrical battles have always been a part of Jamaica’s reggaeculture as well as other genres of music, including hip hop, rap, aswell as our very own calypso, soca and extempo.

“We have been able to do what Jamaican promoters have been trying to dofor some time now – have these two talented artistes perform on thesame stage. We have accomplished it for the sake of peace and theartistes will perform on the same stage at one of the biggest concertsto be held in this country. This has never happened in Jamaica,”Extavour said. “This is the beginning of a change of what concertsshould look like in TT,” he added.

Macka Diamond is also billed to perform at Cease Fire the Concert aswell as a large line up of local artistes. According to the organisers,there are a lot of young talented entertainers in TT who need exposure.

The Gaza versus Gully feud started off with Bounty Killer taking thefirst “punch” at Vybz Kartel in a song called “Chatter Box”. A few dayslater Vybz Kartel released “Bownty’s Killa”. Bounty then repliedsuggesting that Vybz Kartel’s song was a “Wata Chune”.

Next month’s show will mark Bounty Killer’s fourth concert appearance in TT.

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