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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sizzla Denies being offered land in Zimbabwe

Sizzla Kalonji has refuted claims by some officials in Zimbabwe that he has been offered a farm to do Zanu PF public relations.

A Publicist for Sizzla, Olimatta Taal told Zimdiaspora that it was a lie that Sizzla who performed at Zimbabwe’s 30th independence events, bartered his services for land. A story by Zimdiaspora reporting that Kalonji has been offered a farm, was based on reports by Zimbabwean lands officers who still insist that they have been instructed by their seniors to look for land for the reggae star.

Taal also denied that Sizzla is on the run from Jamaican authorities or being investigated for crimes.

“Sizzla is not under investigation. He is not on the run from Jamaica and is on an African Tour, He also performed in Ghana for their 50th independence day celebration and in South Africa,” he said.

Taal said Sizzla will return to Jamaica in a few weeks time and accused the media of > trying to discredit and criminalize the reggae star.


  1. Yes I ! Give Thanks !
    Love fi hear dat ! Fi real I worried a bit bout dem news.
    InI juss cyaant paar wit dem man who hide Menghistu ! Give Thanks juss another babylon rumor again !
    Juss gwaan Sizzla - SELASSIE I guide InI ! Keep on trodding !

    SELASSIE I Iditation
    RASTAFAR I liveth

    One Blood

    Ras Seven

  2. One Of the World Finnest!!! Burn Dem Rumor & Wars...