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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sizzla, Zanu PF Public Relations Officer and Resettling in Zimbabwe?


Staff Reporter in Harare
Jamaican Reggae superstar and new Mugabe praise singer Sizzla Kalonji has been offered a farm in Mashonaland West province in exchange of doing Zanu PF public relations worldwide, Zimdiaspora can reveal.

Sources at the ministry of lands and resettlement told Zimdiaspora that Sizzla who is currently in Zimbabwe, is preparing to set base in Zimbabwe after he was offered a farm.

“We have been instructed by our bosses to locate an appropriate white owned farm, preferably in Chegutu, for compulsory acquisition. Sizzla will then be reallocated the farm and already efforts are being made to mobilise tractors and other equipment for him,” said the Lands official.

He said Media, Information and Publicity Minister, Webster Shamu who claims to be a patron of musicians in Zimbabwe, is leading the campaign to have Sizzla allocated a farm in a prime agricultural area in the country.
The official said Zanu PF is allocating a farm to Sizzla so that the Jamaican star would do international public relations for the former ruling party whose fortunes are fast waning following its drubbing at the March 2008 harmonised elections by the Movement for Democratic Change.
“Sizzla has not been paid for the performances he has done in Zimbabwe and allocation of a farm to him is part of Zanu PF’s way of settling what it owes the Reggae star,” he said.
Sizzla is in the country to perform at various 30th Independence anniversary celebrations and indications are that he will not be returning to his native Jamaica where he is under investigation. The Jamaican star also recently performed at Mugabe’s 85th birthday celebrations and since then Sizzla has become a praise singer for the ageing dictator.



  1. Sad if true !
    Seems like di bredda nah know or nah remember dat Mugabe was di one who provided and still provide asylum fi di bloodclaat Menghistu. Who was di head of heads in di unloyal rebellion against di King of Kings ! RASTAFAR I!
    Not enough - today Menghistu has become a consultant of the Simbabwe CIO(Central Intelligence Organisation). What a shame !
    80.000 careless Ethiopians shall go down inna babylon !

    SELASSIE I loyalty
    RASTAFAR I love

    One Blood

    Ras Seven

  2. But fi real I haf fi add:

    Dat I apprecilove most a di man muzikal works dat much - dat I pray ontu di most I SELASSIE I JAH RASTAFAR I fi gi di man dem di right Iditation bout dem tings !

    SELASSIE I run tings
    RASTAFAR I guide InI

    One Blood

    Ras Seven

  3. how you mean you cant support Mugabe'
    you guy hear you self!! what is his crime?
    Allowing black people to reclaim there property. Branding !! by the world who lost their creation he did not stick to their plan why the send troops to iraq where there was no war of any kind or any terrorist but none to africa where there were apartheid and genocide, Darfur and Samalia to save lives they took out their country men and at gunpoint repel the natives to their death.
    you guys are the same black people who sellout we leaders to martyrdom. Marcus Garvey and the rest.
    For what is the media? if not to assassinate us without rope and set us against each other and we take the bate. hold fast to the truth the wheels of propaganda are turning and we are the grease to keep it on hinged
    think for your selves and let not the passage of time prove to repeat it self as we tear our self to pieces. is it not the same media that just in recent time brand sizzla, and all but condemn him, just for going to the country where there enemy reside you can be build up or brought down if they wish and that is just how it is. Wait for the true.

  4. @ freckles : Read I first post den yuh ago know where I come from !
    SELASSIE I me refrence ! Menghistu-posse dem I nah keep no friend ! If a man love SELASSIE I - there is no choice inna dis ! Let I tell yuh politricks is not di right basis fi overstand dat matter ! Politricks neva haf been di right basis fi anyting. Love and Raspect !

    SELASSIE I Idance and Itection
    RASTAFAR I Iditation Ivermore

    One Blood

    Ras Seven