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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Roots Reggae Gets New Impulse From Holland-Ganjaland

(Amsterdam - april 2010) Recordlabel JahSolidRock Music and Amsterdam based production-crew Not Easy At All Productions joined hands in 2009 and will work together in the coming years to build up a solid catalogue of ‘original roots reggae’, with both talent from Europe as from the cradle Jamaica.

JahSolidRock Music and Not Easy At All Productions are ambitious in their goals: to help re-invent the authentic reggae-sound, that long time ago started to inspire them so much. Starting point is the diversity of styles that exist within “roots reggae”, a genre that nowadays is hardly being made. It’s all about that unique mix of rebellious just as spiritual music, with lyrics that go far beyond fame, money and sex, sung by vocalists who carry a positive message. 

Close collaboration is established, as we speak, with both still active legendary artists from the rich history of reggae, such as Earl Sixteen, Luciano, Junior Murvin, The Maytones, as with talented, relative newcomers of the next generation such as Benaïssa, Chezidek, Wild Life, Lloyd de Meza, Zamunda and many more…..

By taking care of high quality productions, and taking the necessary time for writing strong, new songs and the creation of new ‘riddims’, by combining ‘old school’ live, acoustic instruments with state of the art ‘new school’ studio-technology, by paying attention to nice and well-cared-for artwork and the filming of professional videoclips, the two reggae-afficionado’s want to demonstrate that the appetite of a broad audience for reggae music is still alive and kicking, just like in the days of the legendary Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse (etc….). The point is that a new, fresh and inspiring supply is needed. 

JahSolidRock Music and Not Easy At All Productions also want to encourage the Jamaican minister of Culture Olivia Grange, who uttered her worries on the future of reggae in a speech at the opening of ‘2010 International Reggae Conference’ last February in Kingston. Grange warned that if no urgent steps are taken, reggae will no longer be synonymous with Jamaica. Distribution, promotion and production of reggae, just as the possibilities for live venues, are more and more situated outside JA, for example in Europe, thus warned Grange.
The words of mrs.Grange appeal to JahSolidRock Music and Not Easy At All Productions who want to make clear to the hon. minister that one development does not exclude another: European and Jamaican artists can be auxiliary instead of being only competitors. Meanwhile the first response in Jamaica on the joint JA-NL musical productions are very positive: JA yearns for roots reggae! 

Concretely this spring the Dutch collaboration launches, besides a very powerful and inspiring album of Chezidek ('Judgement Time'), also two 7’’ Inch vinyl singles with the works of Chezidek (‘Walk With Jah’) and Benaïssa (‘African Blood’) and further more the legend Earl Sixteen (‘Fittest of the Fittest’) and from the posse of the one and only Bunny Wailer: ‘singjay’ Wild Life (‘Ganja Yard’).

The distribution of the music by JahSolidRock Music and Not Easy At All Productions is being managed by HeartBeat/Continental Records.

Wake up the town, cause there’s a new sound around!
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