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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garance Reggae Festival 2010: July 28 to July 31

Join the Garance Reggae Festival from July 28 to July 31, 2010, in Bagnols-sur-Ceze, France. It’s back to basics for the opening night of the Garance Reggae Festival, with 2 representatives of the old school Jamaican sound systems headlining the event, along with the artists who made them famous, gathered together for the 1st time in Europe.
The Garance Reggae Festival lineup includes:
  • U ROY
  • Josey WALES
  • BLACKBOARD JUNGLE sound system
  • OBF sound system
Additional acts to be announced in the future!

King Stur Gav

Founded in the mid 70s by the legendary U-Roy, the father of “deejaying” (forerunner of rap), the King Stur Gav sound system in Jamaica is regarded as the Academy of deejays. Many popular deejays began their career with King Stur Gav. First is the deejay Ranking Joe, then in the 80s, the team grew to include Josey Wales, nicknamed “Colonel,” one of the most prominent deejays of his time, and Charlie Chaplin, whose talent for storytelling have earned him the nickname “Major”.

Other artists like Brigadier Jerry, Sugar Minott, Don Carlos, Brown U, all perform very regularly with Stur Gav. Representative of the old school sound system, with its “rub a dub” rhythms and cultural discourse, King Stur Gav has inspired many artists and continues to support a loyal audience in Jamaica, the United States and especially in England. King Stur Gav is the soul of the Jamaican dancehall history.

Jahlovemuzik: the “sound Rasta” – (Jamaica)

Emanation of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, a branch of the Rastafarian movement, Jah Love Muzik sound system is a veteran, trained in the 70s and dedicated solely to spreading the message Rasta. As such, it occupies a unique place in the Jamaican music scene.
Brigadier Jerry, a Rasta and member of the Twelve Tribes, quickly became one of the most notable sound system deejays, sharing the stage with Charlie Chaplin and Josey Wales in the early ’80s, and known as “the Rasta 3 way”. At that time, Jahlovemuzik was undoubtedly the most popular Jamaican sound systems and Brigadier Jerry was deejay number 1.

U-Roy: “master deejay” – (Jamaica)

68 years old today, U-Roy scored the history of music: he has revolutionized and popularized the “deejaying” or “toasting” vocal style, which was born in Jamaica in the 60s, the forerunner of rap and dancehall . This indefatigable deejay living legend transports his audience to the ’70s, when his ability to toast electrified the crowd in Kingston.

Brigadier Jerry, Charlie Chaplin, Josey Wales: “the Rasta Three Way” – (Jamaica)

European audiences have hoped to have the chance to see these three legendary names together on the same bill for years. Three deejays, three styles, but a single message strictly “roots and culture”.

Dan & Culture Ras Daniel Ray – (Jamaica)

Culture Dan is the resident deejay Jahlovemuzik. Ras Daniel Ray has lived in Europe since the late 90s and now works with the French group you Shung Peng. Until his departure from Jamaica, he was part of the team Jahlovemuzik, and also worked with Stur Gav or Killimanjaro.

Blackboard Jungle – (France)

Blackboard Jungle, the French dub sound system, a native of Rouen, will provide its famous 16 kilowatt sound system to accommodate its Jamaican counterparts. Original Bass Foundation resident Dub Quake will lend a hand alongside Blackboard Jungle!

Garance Reggae Festival tickets

The Garance Reggae Festival 2010 will take place in Bagnols-sur-Ceze from July 28 to 31. The 4-day pass is available for 89 € at

About Garance Reggae Festival

After a 3-year hiatus, reggae is back in Bagnols-sur-Ceze to the delight of festival-goers who have fallen under the spell of this welcoming town. The welcoming festival, in partnership with the local “Towards the Arts”, has provided a new large reception area along the river and close the festival.
The Garance Reggae Festival has revolutionized been updated for 2010: this year, the even will run for 4 days at the Parc Arthur Rimbaud in Bagnols-sur-Ceze, Gard. This venue will be familiar to live music fans as the vast wooded area, bordered by Ceze, which has hosted blues and reggae festivals for many years.
Learn more at the Garance Reggae Festival website (it’s a French-language site).

About Garance Productions

Garance Productions, producer of reggae history in France and manager of the Elysee Montmartre in Paris, will bring its expertise and its catalog of artists to the 18th Garance Reggae Festival in Bagnols-sur-Ceze a new landmark on the summer festival circuit.


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