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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Iceland: More Than Volcanoes; Check Out Their Reggae!

Reggae has made its way around the world. There are even reggae bands that sing in Russian. The genre has adapted to a multitude of languages and cultures.
Hjalmar is a band from Iceland that plays reggae music with lyrics in Icelandic. I stumbled across them when I was looking for video coverage about the volcanic eruption in that country. Its name translates as “helmet”.  They have a site on My Space where they share a lot of their music.
Icelandic is an interesting language. Anyone who ever had to read Beowulf in high school can see its similarities to Icelandic. Icelandic last names end in “son” if it is a man’s name and “dottir” if it is a women’s name. The country gets a lot of geothermal energyfrom underground hot springs. Unfortunately, they got a serious power surge when that volcano erupted.
I hope my readers will check out Hjalmar, the reggae band from Iceland (video link here) It shouldn’t take a volcanic eruption to getyour attention now should it?


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