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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Reggae on Negril's Beach in Jamaica" tops Inaugural Lonely Planet Awards

Lonely Planet, a popular tourist guide company, has rated and assessed the top tourist destinations in the world for this it's very first ever awards.

Lonely Planet who is 30 years old has discovered that UK vacationers and travelers rate value-for-money accommodation and cheaper travel at the very top of their list. More than 3,500 people voted in the polls which were conducted in association with Explore, an adventure operator.

For 'Greatest Cultural Experience', reggae on Negril's beaches in Jamaica topped Italy's Opera Scene and Cuba's Salsa Dancing.

Over the years Jamaicans have been calling for more attention to be paid to the earning potential of the Reggae Music and its culture. Many believe that is what attracts tourist to the sunny island and not its beaches and hotels.

Other notable victors were the Mayan temples of Tikal, Guatemala was considered the world's best historical experience. The poll also assessed most likely places people would like to emigrate to. New Zealand and Australia were ranked the highest.