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Monday, April 11, 2011

Classic Reggae Inspired Movie "The Harder They Come" to be Re-Made

Classic 1972 movie "The Harder They Come", arguably Jamaica and Reggae's most successful movie to date is set to be re-made by a U.K. film production house.

Xingu Films from out of the United Kingdom along with the help of  Canada's Conquering Lion and Jamaican producer Justine Henzell are uniting to remake the film which was originally starred by legendary reggae artist Jimmy Cliff. 

In the original film Cliff played the role of an aspiring and talented reggae musician who was lured into a life of crime.

The original film was created, written and directed by Perry Henzell, father of Justine Henzell. After Perry's death in 2006 all rights to the film was left in the care of his daughter Justine who has been approached on many occasions by companies with ideas for a remake of the film. However, she has admitted  "for the first time, I am confident we have a team that will simultaneously honor the original while creating a new narrative worthy of the legacy."

The film will be produced by Henzell, Xingu's Trudie Styler and Alex Francis and Lion's Damon D'Oliveira and Clement Virgo in the three countries' first co-production.

D'Oliveira described the new version as a re-imagining that will move to contemporary reggae and reggae-influenced grooves.

Set in Jamaica and London, it's being penned by former New Musical Express scribe Chris Salewicz, co-writer of "Third World Cop" (the most financially successful Caribbean pic) and books including "Bob Marley: The Untold Story."

The producers expect to have a draft script ready for Cannes and principal photography is targeted for 2012.
"Next year is the 50th anniversary of Jamaica and the 40th anniversary of the original film, so the timing is perfect," said D'Oliveira. " 'The Harder They Come' was the first film to bring the real Jamaica to the world, and that spirit informs this new version."


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