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Monday, April 18, 2011

Talks of a Tribute Concert for Smiley Culture Possibly Featuring Nas, Sade, David Bowie and More

Merlin Emmanuel, the nephew of UK Reggae artist Smiley Culture who died in police custody in March, is reportedly in the process of organizing and planning a tribute concert for the late singer. 

He told the Streatham Guardian: “We are in talks with Nas, Sade, David Bowie, Jessie J and others. I actually have a meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) to decide on the venue and date.”

The concert will not only be a tribute to Merlin's uncle, but also a tribute to those who have died in police custody in recent years, according to reports.

It was just this past weekend that hundreds of people marched through the streets of London, to the gates of  Scotland Yard in protest of Smiley's death and more than 400 other people who have died in police custody.

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Merlin was integral in organizing the protest alongside social justice campaigner Lee Jasper and other family members of those who died in police custody.

Mr Emmanuel unveiled plans to deliver a petition to Number 10 Downing Street, asking any officers who had somebody die in their custody to be suspended immediately and be subject to a lie detector test, for members of the IPCC to have never worked for the police before and for officers to film arrests with mobile recording devices.


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