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Monday, December 13, 2010

House of Marley Introduces Bob Marley Branded Headphones, iPod Docks and Other Accessories

For its 2011 Collection, House of Marley has introduces some very nice audio accessories that will adhere to the Marley family core values: “equality, unity, authenticity, charity and sustainability.” You can expect to see boom boxes, docking stations, earphones and headphones. Currently the collection contains three different lines: Jammin’, Freedom, and Destiny. Each one is geared towards a specific consumer, be it teenagers or audiophiles.

The Marley branded accessories will be available in three different categories; Jammin, Freedom and Destiny

Each product will be packaged with a unique ‘one love” bracelet as a symbol showing support of “one love,” unity and peace. The bracelets will be made using eco-friendly materials and will be inspired by artisans, factory and field workers from around the world.

The accessories are very awesome. Check out the categories below:

The Jammin' Collection by The House of Marley merges audio expertise with a youthful vibrant Marley design.  Have some fun and share your music experience with these fashionable and functionable audio products. Love them and revel in an ever-energetic, colorful vibe.
Products in the Jammin' Collection:
  • Rhythm speaker case
  • Rhythm earbuds
  • RhythmPlus earbuds with headband
  • Rhythm stereo headphones
  • RhythmPlus stereo headphones
  • Rhythm drum speaker dock
  • Rhythm boombox

The freedom to express yourself through your music and personal style. The Freedom Collection by The House of Marley focuses on high performance—a dynamic, amplified bass sound which encourages you to move to your own beat. Features a timeless classic design with eco-friendly accents.
Products in the Freedom Collection:
  • High performance earbuds
  • High performance noise reduction headphones
  • High performance active noise cancellation studio headphones
  • High performance speaker dock

Quite simply the top of the line. Created for the true music aficionado, experience a clear and pure full range of rich sounds with the "Destiny Collection" by The House of Marley. Blending premium technology and design, these studio quality products keep sound rich, pure and incredibly detailed. Designed for quality and comfort, the products feature eco-friendly material accents.
Products in the Destiny Collection:
  • Premium earbuds
  • Premium active noise cancellation studio headphones
  • Premium docking station

These beautiful accessories become available in 2011. To see more visit The House of Marley website.


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