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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Marley Family Launched "The Marley Missions & The Giving Center" from

The Movement Aims to Spread Bob Marley's Message of Peace and Unity While Encouraging the New Generation of "Young Gongs" to Change the World

Consistently, through his music, Bob Marley has always been committed to spreading a positive message, one of peace, hope, love and prosperity. Now, his family has now commit themselves to keep his mission and message alive through the project.

The goal of the project is to to inspire Bob Marley fans everywhere to carry out one small act of love and kindness every day. Though a single deed may seem small, together our efforts will add up to something very big. Something that will change the world.

Recommended Marley Missions will be advanced by members of the Marley family and by their extended family in the community.  Marley Missions can include acts such as planting a small garden or painting a weathered fence, to tutoring a child or volunteering at a library, to sharing a meal and some music with a housebound neighbor.  Aggregated, these simple acts become powerful agents for change and for good.

The first Marley Mission - Play Music - is inspired by the words of Bob Marley himself: "When the music hits, you feel no pain."  To participate, community members are encouraged to tune their instruments, ready their voices and flip on their webcams to record themselves playing and singing the Bob Marley song that speaks to them most. members are then encouraged to upload their video to their profile and share their first Marley Mission through other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

"While individual missions that comprise The Marley Missions may seem small, together they can add up to something very big that brings about real, positive, lasting change," said Cedella Marley, Bob Marley's daughter, on behalf of the family.  "Just as the gift in the message of our father's music does, grassroots activism in our digital and local communities can inspire people globally through shared attitudes, experiences and connections."

To learn more about or to Sign up and be a part of it visit


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