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Monday, February 7, 2011

RasTa : Donisha's Exploration of Rastafari, the Spiritual Legacy of her Grand-Parents Rita and Bob Marley

In a bid to explore Rastafari the spiritual legacy of her beliefs and that of her grand parents Rita and Bob Marley, Donisha  embarked on a global journey which took her to countries like Ethiopia, Israel and South Africa. Her entire journey has been documented and recorded and will be released as a feature-length documentary titled "RasTa".
“The vision for the film is to look at Rastafari from a global perspective, moving out from the more familiar images of Jamaica to the scope in which this religion and this movement has moved out beyond the tiny Caribbean Island, how the message of Rastafari has manifested itself in diverse cultures, how the tenants of the religion are rooted in history and made relevant by contemporary issues. The film’s narrative will unfold as a voyage of discovery driven by an intense desire on the part of Donisha to both understand the past and make clear a meaning for the present. It stays focused on Donisha – as a rasta woman, as a young convert—as she reasons and experiences first hand the ways in which this movement has spread around the world.  Her questions, her knowledge informs the narrative, and her vibrant and inquisitive personality drives the fast-paced and youthful nature of the film.
Through Donisha we learn the history, the core values, the cultural impact of a religion that was inspired by history and propagated through the music of her grandfather, helping us find new spiritual meaning in a fast changing chaotic world.”
"We have now completed shooting in the following countries: USA, Israel, Ethiopia, South Africa, Jamaica, Canada and the United Kingdom. The crew completed the final location shoot in India on 4 December 2010. The film will be delivered May 2011. Thereafter, it will be submitted to various festivals followed by a theatrical release then later television broadcast." said Executive Producer, Patricia Scarlett.

RasTa will engage, inform, challenge and entertain audiences around the world. We're definitely looking out for it. SEE CLIPS FROM THE FILM BELOW

To learn more about RasTa visit the website at: or join the facebook fanpage at:

The Journey has begun: Donisha at the Smithsonian's

Donisha in Israel, Ethiopia and South Africa.


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