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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Director of Marley Movie : The Film will tell an Intimate Story, Including Bob's Slave Heritage

Kevin MacDonald the director of Bob Marley's upcoming film intends to tell   a very intimate story about the Reggae legend. 

"He's universally revered and looked up to as an inspiration. But we've never seen anything that gets to the root of who he is as a man," says Kevin Macdonald "This is going to tell an intimate story of who he is the context of the time and the time of slavery."

The movie about Bob Marley is slated for release sometime this year. Kevin will be working with Chris Blackwell and has complete access to the Marley family. He also has access to former member of the Wailers Don Kingsley, who has never been interviewed on camera before.

It is Bob's slave heritage (alluded to in "Slave Driver" and other political songs) that will take center stage in the film. "It's fascinating that this is who he is, that he came from slavery," Macdonald said.

The opening shot of the film, the director said, will feature a tour of Cape Coast Castle, a fortification in Ghana that contains the infamous "Door of No Return" through which many Africans passed before being shipped into slavery. "I want to suggest the idea that his ancestors passed through this door and that his music is trying to come home again spiritually, psychologically, politically," Macdonald said.

Some of the information used in this story was retrieved from the LA Times


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