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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bob Marley Could Finally Become a Jamaican National Hero

Although some may say it is a worthy acknowledgement that is long overdue; Bob Marley could soon become a National Hero of Jamaica. It is a honor that Olivia Babsy Grange, a member of the Jamaican Government said the Reggae legend is well deserving of and she is willing to advocate for it.

"Bob Marley is a great Jamaican and I support the idea of making him a National Hero" said Ms. Grange yesterday while celebrating Bob's 66th birthday at the Bob Marley Museum. She also asked Jamaicans who wish to see Bob Marley become a National Hero to formally state their case through letters and petitions which she would lobby on their behalf.

National hero is the highest honor in Jamaica, who currently has seven national heroes. One of the country's national heroes is Marcus Garvey; who is not only an inspiration to Bob Marley and his message, but also to the entire Rastafarian movement.


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