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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jurors to Resume Deliberations in Buju Banton's Case Today

In a matter of hours Buju Banton will return to court as the jurors will reconvene and deliberate further to determine the outcome and verdict in the trial.

The twelve member jury began their deliberations on Friday but couldn't find a verdict hence, the judge has released them until today. They're expected to reconvene and resume deliberations at 8:45am.

On Thursday the judge and the panel of jurors heard closing arguments. Here are a few statements made by the prosecution's Jim Preston, Asst. U.S. Atty., during his closing arguments:

  • "A conspiracy is a plan. The plan is the crime in this case."
  • "As a broker he stays on the outside."
  • "He knowingly and willfully conspired with others to possess 5-kilos of cocaine."
  • "This is not about Buju Banton the Reggae singer. This is about Mark Myrie the drug dealer."
  • "He presented himself as an International cocaine trafficker."
Here are a few statements made by the defence's David Markus, Banton's Atty., during his closing arguments: 
  • "He was tricked into that warehouse."
  • "He did talk a lot and we know him as a talker."
  • "Mark Myrie tried to out talk Mr. Johnson (C.I.). Actions speak louder than words."
  • "He never became part of these crimes."
  • "They (DEA) didn't even try and give him (drug) money because they knew he wouldn't take it."
Buju Banton has received huge support from fellow musicians and his fans alike. Both Stephen Marley and Gramps Morgan were at hand to be character witnesses for the 2011 Grammy winner.
Buju Banton flanked by his defense team and supporters

Gramps Morgan speaking highly of Buju Banton

 Buju Banton walks down Cass Street in downtown Tampa with
lawyer David Markus after closing arguments ended late Thursday afternoon.

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  1. I,Edward Baltimore when I first heard of the Buju Banton's false arrest;I went to work and today;I've sent forward convicting evidence what America should of never done and this is the can of worms that will give up it's germs;feudalism is criminal;and I'm depicting it as I write;I'm glad to use Buju Banton's case to free all cocaine and marijuana busts,raids,seizures and apprehensions,where America entrapped you all,for never giving none of you,your innumerable Rights and then for Italians to be on America's courts is mockery and tyranny to the People and their sakes;is all I'm going to state now and all States are vassalage!!!!!!!