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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol's Tim Urban goes Reggae with Rolling Stones' tune. Judges Thought it didn't Work for him.

It was Rolling Stones night on American Idol and Tim Urban of Duncanville took on Mick Jagger's "Under My Thumb" -- reggae-style.
Did it work?
It was interesting. It sounded very un-Stone-esque.

Randy Jackson wasn't "getting that, dude." Ellen DeGeneres said she felt like she should be sipping a pina colada at a resort. Kara DioGuardi said she applauded him, but she didn't sound  impressed. Simon Cowell, typically more to the point, said "it didn't work."
As a watch party in Arlington unfolded at his old employer, Urban took the criticism in stride, saying that he didn't see the point of trying to sound like Mick and the Stones.
"I tried to make it my own and have a lot of fun with it," he replied to the judges.
We'll find out Wednesday whether it worked.


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