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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Zimbabwe's Vice-President Mujuru Meets With Jamaican Reggae Artist Sizzla: Asked him to tell Jamaicans the True Zimbabwean Story.

VP Mujuru meets Sizzla

Herald Reporter

ZIMBABWE is a peace loving country willing to maintain cordial relations with all friendly nations, Vice President Joice Mujuru said yesterday.

Speaking at a meeting with visiting Jamaican reggae star Miguel Collin, popularly known as Sizzla, at her Munhumutapa offices yesterday, VP Mujuru said: "We are a people who love peace and togetherness. We want you to tell your country the true Zimbabwean story without the influence from CNN.

"We feel greatly honoured to have visitors of your calibre and we hope this is going to open roads for more visitors to come," she said.

VP Mujuru said Sizzla’s revolutionary music should not only serve entertainment purposes, but also help educate the youths.

"Many people don’t understand why you sing about the revolution. People, especially the youths, have a lot to learn from your music," VP Mujuru said.

She said Zimbabwe would invite Sizzla to visit solely to experience the peaceful environment.

VP Mujuru said arrangements would be made to invite the reggae star to other national occasions such as Indepe-ndence and Heroes Day commemorations.

Sizzla said he enjoyed his stay in Zimbabwe and was impressed by the warm reception from Zimbabweans.

"Zimbabwe is a peace loving country and I am very grateful with the pleasant environment presented to me by the people of Zimbabwe," he said.

He said that with Government’s support, he was keen to establish a Sizzla Youth African Foundation.

He said the foundation would promote music and Rastafarianism among other things.

Sizzla said the foundation was already functional in Jamaica and if Government pledged assistance, he would establish a chapter here. After meeting VP Mujuru, Sizzla met businessman Mr Phillip Chiyangwa.

Sizzla performed at the 21st February Movement gala in Bulawayo last Friday. He held another show in Harare on Sunday and was billed to stage one more gig last night.

Sizzla leaves for Ghana today where he is expected to hold two shows before proceeding to Jamaica.


  1. Justice dictates that Africa & Jamaica must come togrther for African Redemption.This is the formula for the cultivation of The Ancient Future.

    JAH RASTAFARI Lives itinually

  2. That's what reggae music is all about: speaking the truth to make a change. Sizzla is a great artist and he has a strong respect for African history.