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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meet the Dubtonic Kru

The meaning if the name of the group 'Dubtonic Kru', signifies just what the two words coming together would mean, 'Dub', relating to music and 'Tonic' referring to medicine. Their music represents the very meaning of the words... 'Dub-tonic'.

From ancient times, music has played an essential role in the development of life and has always been around us, we would then say that music is a part of the foundation....
'Dub -tonic' = foundation medicine.

It's then no surprise, the level of positive energy that is shared through music between 'Duntonic Kru' and their listeners everywhere they perform! Their versatility and capability in being able to serve the right amount of dosage to their varying audiences, makes them second to none.

We present to you.... Dubtonic Kru


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